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18Nov, 2020

Revisiting Kayapo, Norte Energia, & The Case of Mistaken Identity

From Where Do Our Rights Originate? Are they an inherent, inseparable gift from God and/or nature, or are they derived from one's government?

3Mar, 2021

SVRN Pledge-Donations to Sleeping Natives

80% Of SVRN's Rewards Donated Back Into Pledge For Sleeping Natives | Our Cardano Stake Pool Operation, SVRN ~ Commercial Sovereignty Restoration, is one of the primary means by which we intend to fund our educational projects (the teaser-trailer & documentary). We maintain a base-level Pledge of 100,000 ADA (₳) for the stake pool, with everything above (i.e., 101k++) accounted for as donations. Here are the transfers, registrations, & receipts for all pledge-donations made with SVRN's rewards...

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