The meaning of life
is to find your gift.
The purpose of life
is to give it away.
~ Pablo Picasso

SVRN Pledge-Donations to Sleeping Natives

80% Of SVRN's Rewards Donated Back Into Pledge For Sleeping Natives | Our Cardano Stake Pool Operation, SVRN ~ Commercial Sovereignty Restoration, is one of the primary means by which we intend to fund our educational projects (the teaser-trailer & documentary). We maintain a base-level Pledge of 100,000 ADA (₳) for the stake pool, with everything above (i.e., 101k++) accounted for as donations. Here are the transfers, registrations, & receipts for all pledge-donations made with SVRN's rewards...

17Feb, 2021

First SVRN Pledge-Donation to Sleeping Natives Productions

Here is the first associated transfer of rewards, from our rewards wallet to our pool's pledge (please see transaction image below). The 'source' wallet shown is our SVRN_Rewards wallet, and this wallet's funds and transactions can be monitored here: https://explorer.cardano.org/en/address?address=stake1u9l204qrrgyqyhcxlu2pvcnjc42n7gk0sj76nuac4d2r8sgz4h6l8.

The 'destination' wallet shown is our SVRN stake pool's Pledge wallet, and this wallet's funds and transactions can be monitored here: https://adapools.org/address/addr1q9z093lr754mj73wwun8dc4hr4n5n74a3g9p5utwpjyg3tu04xxwrhjpnt26t47nlng2esylk6dnpktlyvskwxh8kdpsw2samk

Here is our first pledge-donation registration (please see below). In the interest of round numbers, we'll keep these to increments of a 1,000 ADA (₳) minimum.

Here is our internal receipt for the acceptance of this first pledge-donation:

Community auditing of all donations are also performed via the CardanoMDP (Mission Driven Pools) association, where each transfer is publicly available for matching against the blockchain record. No other NPO delivers this same level of transparency, where all spending activity of donation funds is forever publicly visible, and to our knowledge, we are still the only NPO that operates its own stake pool.

As a registered Oregon non-profit in good standing, and a member of Cardano Mission Driven Pools, the Cardano Single Pool Alliance, and Good Pools, we are happy to provide full transparency with respect to the distribution of our rewards. We will never distribute less than 80% back into our pledge, as pledge-donations. When the amount therein meets or exceeds the total budgeted for either of our enviro-educational projects is met, our focus will shift accordingly and those projects shall enter production.

Irrespective of whether the short film is produced before the documentary, or the documentary is produced before the trailer, neither shall be released until both are finalized and ready for broadcast & distribution simultaneously. The preliminary budget for our teaser-trailer is available here, while the budget for the documentary is still in progress (both are subject to change, and any modified versions will be reflected here accordingly, along with announcements via our social media channels and newsletter).

As ever, we are here for any questions you may have, and each of you are vital to us and most appreciated. We thank you for your continued support!

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