"Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you -
Ye are many - they are few."
~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

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What's charging that EV?

Green much??

Learn the plight of the real, modern day, Nikola Teslas. We support alternative energy inventors by advocating what they identify as necessary before real change can occur. Discover our projects and how vast the potential truly is!

With endorsements from Greenpeace (US & International), Friends of the Earth, and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund (available upon request), we're a registered non-profit, enviro-educational film production company, working with a number of truly genius, but heavily suppressed, alternative energy inventors.

Our projects aim to reveal exactly the kind of challenges these inventors have been dealing with for many decades, primarily via a feature-length documentary, spearheaded by a 2 minute trailer for which we've received, by kind permission, the use of a spine-tingling track from Depeche Mode, gratis, for its soundtrack.

Without exception, the primary concern of each of these inventors has been identical: there's an undeniably urgent need for truly free markets to exist (and not just in the energy sector alone) in order for these revolutionary inventions to have any chance at competing in the marketplace, as it now stands. Again, this is a goal identified as indispensable by the very inventors of these technologies themselves (both those still with us, and those who've died in its pursuit).

From its inception, the intent for our projects was to have them promote solely those environmentally oriented, alternative energy inventors evidencing the most monumental promise, who are clearly in need of high profile support, in order to help redress the imbalance imposed on them from their already well-entrenched counterparts in the fossil fuel, nuclear, coal, and automotive industries. The past several years of thorough research into this matter, however, has revealed to us an issue of such wider scope and consequence, the denial or ignorance of which renders our previous intent (along with their own), useless, if not properly addressed first and foremost. Mass education as to the benefits of decentralization, in this regard, is crucial, and on so many levels.

Nearly every piece of environmental legislation today continues to be drafted by these polluting, big energy leaders; a primary purpose being the prevention of any truly viable, clean alternatives from competing in the marketplace against them. This collusion runs so deep, with implications so terrifying, many balk at the suggestion and are unwilling to accept that government actively seeks to protect big energy's status quo; insisting that if such clean alternatives truly did exist, surely government would only work to promote their success. To this, it's important to regard such legislation as the Inventions Secrecy Act of 1951 (still in effect to this day), mandating how any inventor who creates an engine with 70% or more efficiency than current technologies provide, has to be "silenced", and by any means necessary. Rules of a similar, jaw-dropping nature apply to fuels and engines from the 10% greater efficiency level and above. The accounts passed onto us by each of these inventors attest to nothing less, and many of their stories are truly horrific.

Come join us down the rabbit hole, as we take you along the harrowing road these inventors - each and every one of them - have endured, including those who, tragically, did not. Together, we'll explore the dynamics of monopoly, and how, even with an industry as powerful as the energy sector, it pales in comparison to that of finance; the one monopoly to rule them all. Discover our treatment for a feature length documentary detailing the dynamics of the energy and financial industries. How does government play its part, and what about these alternative energy inventors who keep trying to liberate us??

Saving the best for last - it goes without saying - such monolithic, centralized powers can only be countered by a breakthrough in decentralization, and to this end, there's a very positive technological development indeed; one we've been waiting literally decades for.

To learn more, have a look at the rest of our site, and if you'd like to see our projects become reality, we offer a unique and groundbreaking way to get involved that we sure you're going to love!

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