Still-framefrom the UK television science magazine, Equinox: It Runs On Water (originally aired 1995)

This man is Stanley Meyer, and this is what we know about him:

Back in the nineties he came forward with an invention to help save the country and the planet. It took him over 30 years, and over 3 attempts at bringing it public, but, by most accounts (the above broadcast, hosted by Arthur C. Clarke, included), he invented a water splitting engine which delivers onboard electrolysis in the transformation of water into combustible hydrogen gas (no high pressurized tanks, no bombs waiting to explode). He drove from LA to NY on 22 gallons of TAP WATER , as documented in the 1998 news broadcast (available below) from his hometown of Grove City, Ohio. You can also catch a copy of the above pictured Equinox broadcast below as well, in addition to his numerous scientific documents and patents (not a complete list).

As documented in the aforementioned broadcasts, the Pentagon took a great interest in his invention, and he, in turn, proudly taught them how to replicate, and integrate, this technology into their tanks, jeeps, and even NASA's deep space program efforts.

Many times has he been offered enormous amounts of money to simply sell out or just sit on it. The Arabs offered him well over a billion dollars cold cash just to sit on it and do absolutely nothing with it, but he said, "No, this technology is for the people." His life had been threatened many times, but he had patents on his technology and was ready for production; only $1,500 to equip your car!

In March of '98 his body was found in the parking lot of a restaurant close to his home, poisoned. All his technology and equipment - gone...

We don't know how he came to be poisoned to death, nor how all his technology came to just up and disappear simultaneously either, but it seems we now know something certain interests feel it's better that we did not. Remember that the next time you're at the pump, feeling green about getting 35mpg from an imported hydrocarbon instead of a garden hose, for free...

Who said the dead don't speak?

  1998 News Report (1 minute, 44 sec.)  



  Equinox: It Runs On Water (16 minutes, 12 sec.)  






In addition to Stanley Meyer, the world has also more recently lost another prolific inventor, in Paul Pantone, of GEET Intrenational (Global Environmental Energy Technology). I had the distinct honor of speaking with Paul on two occasions, and he, like all the others, opened my eyes to an entire world I'd no idea existed. We are deeply saddened by their loss and dedicate completely, all of our efforts here, to their cause.