It has taken many years, and countless more high profile events, from natural disasters to films & failed conferences, to finally bring most everyone on board *almost* the same "environmental boat", mentally and spiritually. The task of bridging the gap between this now-proven, and gigantic, constituency base of "government-knows-best" thinkers, with a correct understanding of how a truly free market reigns superior when operating within a Constitutional Republic, doesn't need to be nearly as arduous as one might otherwise expect, but it will require another high profile event, of some kind, with which to gather people's attention and, once held, educate them accordingly.

We have developed an approach we feel will be of phenomenal use towards this end. In brief, it is designed to convert the (still majority) of people - who believe in a government-led approach (for essentially everything) as preferable to a market-driven one - to actually reverse their positions. This can only be achieved via an honest re-cognition of the constitutional principles upon which, uniquely, America was founded, and how these principles do, in fact, provide a far superior base and protection from which to operate, in particular with regards to the environment (but indeed as applies across the board). Extrapolating this proven philosophy to the rest of the world is something we believe will eventually happen, by necessity, of its own accord (comparitavely speaking), but for the establishing (or RE-establishing) of the politico-economic foundation upon which such a seismic change depends (which is an obvious pre-requisite), it's only natural to focus on the one nation that has already been bequeathed with such a unique, but uniquely discarded, constitution.

Educating people to this end means grabbing their attention first, however, and with an open mind out the gate... Open minds don't tend to come easily (regardless of merit, proof, or intention), however, when asked to embrace, let alone consider, a modality of existence which essentially calls for a near-reversal of the existing relationship presently maintained between ourselves and our established authorities. Responsibility has a great deal to do with this, so surmounting the apathy which pervades throughout our society presents a challenge almost as great as the deficit such an education would otherwise address.

"You can lead a horse to water"...

Grabbing the attention of essentially everyone means creating something absolutely spectacular to behold first and foremost. Our strategy for bridging this philosophical divide requires the use of a very short, media-friendly, breathtaking film that is so unique and compelling that any observer of it finds themselves virtually unable to resist visiting the website it invites them to upon its completion. What waits for them there is something just as spectacular.



We are a registered non-profit, short, artistic, environmental film & mixed-media production company who, for the benefit of our current two minute production, 'Going to Work', has been granted the use of a spine-tingling track from the acclaimed group, Depeche Mode, gratis, for our soundtrack. What's more, PBS has agreed to the broadcast of our production upon completion, and they were the first broadcasters we approached in lieu of distribution for this film. There are many others whom we know will be just as excited to distribute this unique film to the masses, whether it be via cinema trailers or terrestrial, satellite, and cable television.

For an idea as to how "high profile" this little two minute film has the potential of being, according to Depeche Mode themselves, when we received the call from their manager granting us their permission to use their music for our production, he proceeded to advise as to what this track would have cost if they "didn't like us": - Based on their perceived global distribution potential for this film via cinema & television, it would have otherwise warranted them a fee commensurate with their top rate-card of 4,000.00 (Pounds Sterling) per 30 seconds. At two minutes exactly, that makes it a gift of over $30,000.00 per airing! Thank you, Depeche Mode!!

Please, have a read of our script, listen to the rousing music which, by kind permission, we've been granted for it, and examine our incredibly accomplished team of first-choice film-makers who've joined us. We're confident you will find it worthy of execution. But please, judge for yourself!



The internet will, ultimately, make the film its most enduring home, and it's what people will find upon visiting our website (from the link provided at the end of the film) wherein the education can begin in earnest. This message is to be conveyed, in large part, by a collaboration of inventors, academics, scientists, and educators, mostly in the form of easily digested, video interviews and articles, primarily concerning the technologies on offer, why they haven't reached the marketplace yet, and how the relationships between ourselves, our government(s), and the environment have everything to do with where we are right now.

There are many common misconceptions regarding free markets, free market environmentalism, and the precise qualities of a Constitutional Republic which make free markets the perfect choice for a society seeking to benefit from the most environmentally friendly, and radically liberating, technologies on the planet (while doing more for individual rights than can possibly be achieved within a collectivist model). Of course there will be ample room for technological and remedial solutions of several kinds to be communicated (these are, after all, still primary), but as far as the focus on our underlying societal relationships are concerned, we couldn't be happier to announce, already, the alliance we've established with former Libertarian gubernatorial candidate for Iowa, Mr. Clyde Cleveland (aka "The Green Libertarian"). If you have never read any of Clyde's writings on free market environmentalism, or heard him speak with regards to this topic, I highly recommend a sample of his writings here (from his book, 'Restoring the Heart of America'), and the radio interview he recorded a few years ago here.

Sleeping Natives has already been in contact with a number of alternative energy inventors around the world ever since the project took shape a few years ago. Without exception, the number one concern of each and every inventor we've ever had the privilege of communicating with has been identical: there is an undeniable and urgent need for truly free markets to exist in order for these inventions to have a chance in the world marketplace as we know it today. The partnership we've struck with Clyde Cleveland to further underscore, and expound upon this, in this regard, will go far indeed towards catalyzing the predominant conception of the issues at play, and securing an honest definition of the obstacles impeding this vastly important goal; again - a goal identified as indispensable by the very inventors of these technologies themselves.

From its inception, the intent for our film was to have it promote solely those environmentally orientated, alternative energy technologies that evidenced the most monumental promise, & who were most clearly in need of high profile support, in order to help redress the imbalance imposed on them from their already well-entrenched counterparts in the fossil fuel, nuclear, and automotive industries. The past several years of thorough research into this matter, however, has revealed to us an issue of such wider scope and consequence (not least of all being the philosophical ramifications of the status quo), the denial or ignorance of which renders our previous intent (along with their own), useless, if not properly addressed first and foremost...


The Plan is Simple:

A) - Raise money to cover the cost of production of the film (top sheet budget analysis available here), the video interviews with Clyde and all showcased inventors, as well as the final website design and hosting fees for high availability, bullet-proof hosting, (i.e. - DOS - Denial Of Service attack protection). The aforementioned interviews and subsequent site design + hosting fees are not itemized, nor covered, within the budget top-sheet linked to above, and need to be counted as additional to the already itermized costs of the film itself. Considering the magnitude of the gift already received by Depeche Mode for the use of their music ($30,000.00+ fee per airing completely waived), we hope it can be easily understood why we are not about to ask them to actually pay for the production as well!

B) - Produce the film, record the interviews, and update our website (which the film will inspire people to visit) from the fund-raising initiative you see here now, into the one-of-a-kind, educational & technology showcasing web-portal built to sustain, and strengthen, the free market wave prospectively ushered into existence alongside it.

C) - Distribute the film as far and as wide as humanly possible; as a pseudo-trailer amongst the trailer screenings in our cinemas (Magnolia's Landmark Cinema chain, anyone?), as a PSA on PBS, and any other terrestrial, satellite, or cable television channel that will air it, and across the planet as the most viral, two minute, environmental film ever seen, all the while ensuring the website remains available for the incredible traffic generated.


If yours is an alternative energy technology company seeking to maximize the exposure of your organization's cause on a global and/or national level, and you would like to benefit directly from the kind of attention our film is set to receive upon its release, our film is the soon-to-be genre defining, and transcendentally engaging two minute introduction to your cause that can propel it into the kind of top-of-mind awareness that lasts a lifetime.

Most prospective audience members, however, don't exactly have a lifetime to spare in getting acquainted, which is why projecting an irresistible enticement - fostering that genuine desire to learn more about who you are right from the beginning - is so very crucial to a substantive penetration of the marketplace, especially in these trying times.

If, upon reading our script and sampling the music acquired for it, you feel you would like to have your organization identified with the iconic image our film stands to burn into the collective retina for time immemorial (and consequently benefit from the reaction as potentially countless millions respond accordingly), please contact us so we can take the next step in our efforts for making a better world together.

Thank you for all your continued efforts in the field!





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