Some Reasons why a Constitutional Republic would Surpass even a Fantasy Gore Administration for the Environment:


1) - A return to Constitutional Property Rights; i.e. - the ability to hold what is called "Allodial Title" on your land, or on a shared land such as a wildlife refuge, renders that land impenetrable to the only legal spearhead by which government abetted corporations can continue in their plunder: Eminent Domain. NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) is a FAR greater protective safeguard for the environment than a policy which permits corporations to run amuck with - literally - more rights than the people (this invasion of property rights extends itself as far as you care to look - such as the ongoing attempts to deny you the right to even know what's penetrating your body when you eat unlabeled GMO foods, to name but one example).

Today, Allodial Title can only be held on a property located in the State of Texas or Nevada. The education of America as to the true nature of property ownership, as our founders intended, could eventually restore this precious right back to us all under a Constitutional Republic.


2) - Free Markets. Yes, a Constitutional Republic entails a return to free markets, and to the same extent this will result in the government keeping its hands out of the affairs of our marketplace, it is the commercial and industrial interests of the marketplace itself we can also look forward to keeping its hands out of the affairs of our government in return (who are authorized to exist merely for OUR best interests alone).

How many truly ground-breaking, and liberating, alternative energy technologies do you think have been swept into oblivion as the result of the blatant complicity that exists today between commercial interests and our government?

While a degree of conjecture remains as to the veracity of the following example, enough evidence lingers, surrounding this particular case, to warrant the attention of all Americans nonetheless. So consider the remarkable story of the inventor, Stanley Meyer, and determine for yourself whether all is as it appears to be.

Unfortunately, no matter how commonsensical the ceaseless appeals may be for us to keep focusing on resolving our environmental woes via the choices we make as consumers, this has really become the only message we continue to be fed... While the choices we make as consumers will always remain important, the significance of our impact pales in comparison to the enormity of the environmental impact imposed by commercial industry alone. Any scientist will tell you that. Yet even Gore concludes his famous documentary with a call - not to government and industry to change their ways, but to us, and for us to change ours!


Walter Block on Free Market Environmentalism


3) - Rule of Law. One of the greatest "Sins of Omission", as described in the above video regarding the governmental-environmental relationship, worthy of a book unto itself, is the erosion of our Common Law rights, to the extent where it lies today: with not a single Court of Law in all the land that doesn't put the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) above your sovereign, God-given rights.

A return to a Constitutional Republic, as is far too often overlooked by those afraid of free markets, means the restoration of an even greater counterbalance in law: The Supreme Law, aka The Law of the Land (i.e. - Common Law). Bring this back and you will restore the only law that will recognize an affront to your lungs, or your lawn, or any other manner of your well-being, as truly actionable, instead of just another price "we" have to pay "for the greater good" (for those who think an abuse of point #1 would facilitate an abuse of any neighbors' health or property).

One mustn't go about grafting today’s business-as-usual mentality upon just one slice of the kind of society our forefathers originally fashioned for us (free markets). We have to remember that society as a whole, and how the legal foundations have been turned upside-down today, to really understand how it would actually work better for the environment than it possibly ever could otherwise. In fact, no other system more closely resembles the processes of nature herself than the freedom of all entities to act as they see fit, and the clearly defined consequences (of trespass of rights) that may ever come as the result of it.


4) - For anyone unfamiliar with the works of former Libertarian gubernatorial candidate for Iowa, Mr. Clyde Cleveland (aka "The Green Libertarian"), as regards Free Market Environmentalism, I highly recommend availing yourself of a sample of his writings here, and having a listen to a radio interview recording of him available here.


5) - Education. For an idea as to why The Environment is perhaps the single greatest argument there could possibly be for the abolishment of the Department of Education, please read our mission statement. We recommend reading the script on its own first though, and then again with the music - using the floating music player that follows as you scroll the page. There is a semi-second by second breakdown within the script you can use to monitor how the music from Depeche Mode syncs with it.






frankdogg, aka Adam Franklin, joins Sleeping Natives as our Sr. Motion Graphics Designer! Creator of the above 30 second, top runner-up, CNN video submission for Dr. Ron Paul (from when he was still running for the Presidency), and Sr. Motion Graphics Designer for Crew Creative, Adam is just as excited as we are to be bridging the gap between those who support the environment, and the Constitutional principles Dr. Paul stands for:

"First off, I have to say that I am extremely excited ... about the project. I have been a supporter of Ron Paul for over 6 months now, but the one area that I felt he lacked in clarity was environmental issues and his stances. Due to my own personal convictions on environmental issues and trying to be as "green" as possible in my own daily lifestyle, I feel like this project speaks to me on many levels. With Depeche Mode, PBS and Jim Gucciardo on board ... you all are moving in a great direction, and I would love to be a part of it. Jim's work is amazing, and ... the chance to be involved in a project with someone of that caliber would be great." -Adam Franklin




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