Please help us bring this vitally important message to the public with a donation of just $10 (or whatever you can give) and - if you wish - we will add you as an Executive Producer to the credits of the film and to the project! Just use the space provided upon donating to enter the name (or callsign) as you'd like it to appear and it's done! If we can get everyone who donated on 12/16 to chip-in just ten bucks for this project, we will be on our way to launching this very targeted message to the people who need to see it, hear it, feel it, and understand it the most!

As Adam Franklin remarked for himself, in regards to the budget, thanks to the small team he'll need to be heading which will be required in order to produce the incredible special effects at the very end of the film in a timely fashion, "you should be able to shoot this for $350k - 400k, but probably not much less". We've commission one of the industry's top Line Producers, Jud Cremata, and brought this budget down by $146,000 - with consensus from all sides as to the feasibility of achieving what's portrayed in the script. Check out our budget for yourself!

Grabbing the attention of the entire country will absolutely necessitate a blockbuster-quality treatment for this film, however, so in making the project script, and our very team credentials, available for public consumption like we are doing, we merely ask you to judge for yourself whether you think our project, as a whole, might suffice in drawing the audience we are after, and accomplish the goal we are seeking to accomplish. Your donation will go a long way towards making this very important message for Ron Paul a reality!

We know money can be tight, however, which is why we strove to facilitate a means by which Dr. Paul's supporters could support our project without having to spend a single dime. We thank Yahoo! and Give2Network for taking us-in as a supported non-profit towards this end. Now you truly can fund this project without spending a penny!

Whichever way you can help, thank you very, very much for your time, and be sure to join our newsletter so you can keep abreast of this very special project for freedom and the environment!


Philip de Souza,
Founding Writer & Producer
Sleeping Natives Productions






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