What would happen if our country was given a second chance at correcting all the wrongs born of inappropriate public/private collusions and corruption at the highest levels?

What would happen if some of the most amazing, but suppressed, alternative energy technologies ever invented, were suddenly made available to the public directly via the marketplace - obliterating our unquenchable but now erstwhile dependence upon oil, coal, and radioactive nuclear power, seemingly forever?

Would we, as a nation, embrace a return to true free market principles, genuine political self-determination, and all the responsibilities attendant upon such a freedom, so long as the protection of our individual rights was restored beyond a reasonable doubt?

Or would we, at a collective level, even be receptive to such concepts in a world where self-sufficiency and good-will have been slowly replaced by an increasingly pervasive culture of dependence upon our government, and a creeping mistrust of our fellow man?

What kind of leaders, promoting what kind of policies, would be voted back into power in the absence of a thorough enough understanding of these principles by the time those ballots were cast?

Would the interests that were responsible for keeping our societies under perpetual bondage to their environmentally devastating forms of energy, and to their socially and economically destructive monetary systems, truly be gone for good - assuming they were removed from the scene for merely a season?

Historically, these same interests have been an inseparable proponent of almost every major war and atrocity humanity has had the misfortune to be subjected to, and American history, in particular, is riddled with silent battles that have been lost more times than won in this regard.

In this light, does it really make sense, as has been suggested, to not even bother trying to educate our fellow Americans about the virtues of their own heritage?

The implications are clear: the prospect of a free and market-driven society, unhindered by entrenched collusion at a regulatory level, depends - to an incredible and immense degree - upon securing for our fellow countrymen and women a proper understanding of the principles that made America great to begin with. Cynics need not apply.

There are such a vast number of basic principles and concepts that have gone missing from our collective understandings - oddly enough - ever since the nation's educational system became centralized. Where would one even begin to address such issues in order to guarantee the most effective "reboot" of the entrepreneurial American spirit, as it were, to coincide with this "hypothetical" reboot of the American Republic??

What's needed is an impact which inspires, informs, and accelerates the replacement of a global lifestyle with one that works...




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